As we commit ourselves to the values of respect, responsibility, kindness, courage, and honesty, we must necessarily commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice.  As we adhere to a mission of “inspiring each student to be a confident, creative, caring, and moral individual,” we again commit to teaching our students the imperative of pursuing a just and equal society.  And of course, if they are to be “prepared to adapt and succeed anywhere in a rapidly changing world,” we must  equip them to investigate the broader world and the ways in which histories and institutions can divide us or bring us together.

Dr. Nathan Smith, TAS

Diversity & Inclusion Recommended Reading

LGBTQ+  Fiction
This list includes YA & Adult fiction written by or about LGBTQ+ individuals.
LGBTQ+ Non-Fiction
This list includes books on LGBTQ research, theory, and lived experience, It also includes memoirs, biography, and autobiography.

JEDI Resource List - books, films, and podcasts compiled by the TAS JEDI Committee

16 Books by Women of Color 
Sixteen of these titles were originally compiled by a blogger named Liv McConnell, but a few more titles have been added.
Liv writes, "As a non-Black person, listening doesn't simply mean turning to the Black folks in your life with the expectation that they'll explain things to you. It means taking active steps to educate your using the (many, many) existing resources already out there from Black activists, educators, and authors alike. How well-represented, for instance, are Black voices on your reading list?" 

Race, Racism, and Policing
This list originated with 8 titles from BookRiot, but more were added by Dr. Aiani, the TAS upper school librarian.

The lists above are gathered from a variety of sources and contributors. Some lists may be modified from the original if titles were not available for purchase or included in the USIC book collection. These lists are not comprehensive, so search the USIC for more titles on these topics.

 If you come across interesting lists in your reading or have one of your own that you feel would speak to others in our TAS community, please make a suggestion at

     Diversity Collection