Ejaculate responsibly : a whole new way to think about abortion / Gabrielle Blair.

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      Summary: "Why abortion is a men's issue. By focusing on the role men play in unwanted pregnancy, Ejaculate Responsibly gets us out of the destructive loop centered on issues like when life begins and the injustice of legislating women's bodies and presents a powerfully fair and effective way out of the abortion impasse. Highly readable, funny, and unflinching, the book's 28 arguments walk readers through the basics of fertility (men are 50 times more fertile than women). The unfair burden placed on women when it comes to preventing pregnancy (90% of the birth control market is for women). The wrongheaded stigmas around birth control for men (condoms make sex less pleasurable, vasectomies are scary and emasculating). And the harsh reality that men, who are fertile 100% of the time, take so little responsibility for preventing pregnancy. In a post-Roe world, this kind of negligence--an irresponsible ejaculation--is tragically wrong"-- From back cover.
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      The Arguments. -- Men are 50 times more fertile than women ; -- Sperm live for up to 5 days ; -- Women's fertility is unpredictable ; -- Ovulation is involuntary, ejaculation is not ; -- Birth control for women is hard to access and hard to use ; -- Birth control for men is easy to access and easy to use ; -- Society clings to the idea that men hate condoms ; -- Vasectomies are less risky than tubal ligations ; -- We expect women to do the work of pregnancy prevention ; -- We don't mind if women suffer, as long as it makes things easier for men ; -- Society teaches that the man's pleasure is the purpose and priority of sex ; -- Women can be impregnated without experiencing pleasure ; -- Men cause all unwanted pregnancies ; -- We expect women to be responsible for their own bodies AND for men's bodies ; -- We need to shift our focus to men ; -- Holding men accountable for their actions does not make women victims ; -- The uneven power dynamic between men and women is real and can turn violent quickly ; -- A woman can't walk out on a pregnancy ; $t We're not honest about pregnancy and childbirth ; -- The realities and burdens of parenting are unfathomable ; -- Pregnancy should not be a punishment ; $t Adoption is not an alternative to abortion ; -- There are zero consequences for men who ejaculate irresponsibly ; -- Sperm are dangerous ; -- Men have more control of their bodies and sexual urges than we like to admit ; -- Men can easily prevent abortions but choose not to ; $t We know what works ; -- This is how to take action.
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