Performing Arts Databases
Visual arts Databases

Oxford/Grove Art Online 
A comprehensive art encyclopedia. Go to Tools and Resources for added features including timelines, pronunciation guides, and a visual search.

Art and Architecture Online
Full-text of 100s of journals and 1000s of images from visual arts, film, urban studies, archeology, etc.

Multidisciplinary e-Resources

Full-text journal articles, e-books, primary sources from the 16th century to 2019. Includes academic resources in humanities and sciences.  Select Content I Can Access (it will NOT be underlined if selected).

Project Muse 
Articles and books in the humanities and social sciences.  Limit to full text by clicking the button next to Only content I have access to after your search. 

History Encyclopedias

Modern World History
Good for background information and primary sources from the mid-15th century to the present.

World History: The Modern Era (SY2324 discontinued)
Includes speeches, photographs, historical maps, videos, articles, and interviews from 1500 to the present.

Current Magazine Subscriptions

Browse color current issues of the below art magazines.

  • Sora Art AlmanacArt Asia Pacific, et al. 
  • Flipster - ArtNewsArt in America & Communication Arts
  • PressReader - International art magazines. 

Check out our e-resource guide for more research tools!

Note: Stop by and see a Librarian when you are stuck. The Help sections of the databases will have useful information too.

Visual Arts Print Materials

There are many print books on specific artists and movements. Search your artist's name or era/movement in Destiny. If you find a book from the bookroom, follow these instructions. We will try to buy an article or book, if you need it and can't find it in our library. Request a journal article or book under our Services tab.

Visual Arts Reference Books

Find all our reference books about visual art in the 700s of the reference section. There are several helpful books listed below. 

Visual Arts Websites

Museums, galleries, and other organizations digitize images, feature essays, and publish exhibition notes online. Below are only some examples.

General Art History and Art Sites

  • SmartHistory
    Essays, textbooks,& videos by 500+ art historians, artists, and curators writing with a non-colonial lens. Has AP specific examples.
  • Art21
    Chronicles contemporary art and artists.

Museum Sites

AI Research Assistants

AI can assist you with your research in a number of ways including ideation in the early stages of question formulation, summarizing a long journal article, and extracting related concepts across a range of articles.  AI is not always correct. You should always ask your teacher before using AI for an assignment, and always check any content that you find through AI for accuracy and reliability.   

Elicit  Find related papers in the your topic, summarize articles, and generate a list of concepts in your research topic.  

Perplexity Ideate on a topic, find papers, images, and video on related topics.  

Cite AI when you use it to generate content, but not when you use it to find papers.  To cite an AI we use footnotes, but we do not cite AI in the bibliography. 

Guide to Citing ChatGPT and Other AI has been created for you, based on information provided by the Chicago Manual of Style. 

Citing & Searching

This section contains materials to help you learn how to cite sources, recognize academic sources, and use resources such as Google Scholar to support your search for articles and ebooks.  Begin at this first link to learn how to cite books in print, articles, encyclopedias, speeches, blogs and more!